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  • January 2015

    Administrative Updates & Announcements

    Psychology Undergraduate Advising is pleased to welcome a new staff member for Spring Semester 2015! Max Prieto, a senior psychology major, will be joining our team as a Student Office Assistant. Welcome, Max!

    Awards & Accomplishments

    Professor Alex Rothman received an NIH Award of Merit for exceptional advances in integrating cognitive, affective, and social processes into cancer control research at an event in November 2014 for his role as Co-Chair of the National Cancer Institute's Cognitive, Affective, and Social Processes in Health Research Working Group.

    Upcoming Events

    Rajendra D. Badgaiyan, M.D.
    Professor of Psychiatry and Neuromodulation Scholar,
    University of Minnesota
    "A novel approach to study human cognitive processing:
    Detection of neurochemical changes in real time"
    Tuesday, January 27, 2015
    2:00 - 3:00 p.m.
    N219 Elliott Hall

    Dr. Badgaiyan recently joined the faculty at the University of Minnesota and is directing the CMRR's program in PET imaging. We hope that you can attend!

    By localizing brain areas activated during task performance neuroimaging techniques (fMRI and PET) have made significant contribution to our understanding of the brain mechanisms that control human cognition and behavior. These techniques, however, do not provide reliable information regarding neurochemical changes associated with the brain processing. Lack of this information has significantly limited our understanding of human cognitive control. It has also limited our knowledge of the pathophysiology of psychiatric and neurological conditions. We have recently developed a dynamic molecular imaging technique to detect, map and measure task-induced changes in dopamine neurotransmission in the live human brain. In these experiments we exploit the competition between endogenously released neurotransmitter and specific receptor ligand for receptor occupancy. The technique expands the scope of neuroimaging research and allows investigation of an unexplored aspect of human cognition and behavior.

    January 1st, 2015

Chair's Office

Monica Luciana
N210 EltH - 625-7873

Pat Frazier
Associate Chair
N571 EltH - 625-6863

Jonathan Gewirtz
Associate Chair
S245 EltH - 625-6653

Guillermo De Paz
N210 EltH - 625-7852

Orbe D. Walther
Assistant to the Chair
N210 EltH - 625-7873

Heidi Wolff
Executive Ofc & Admin Specialist
S248 EltH - 626-3171

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