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  • November 2015

    Awards & Accomplishments

    Professor Mark Snyder was a featured speaker at the University of Minnesota Alumni Association's Leadership Summit on September 25, 2015.  He spoke on research on the psychology of volunteerism, and shared the program with University President Eric Kaler and Alumni Association CEO Lisa Lewis.

    Professor Jeff Simpson delivered the annual Lawrence Messe Memorial Lecture to the Department of Psychology at Michigan State University on October 9, 2015.  Previous speakers have included Daniel Wegner, Elizabeth Loftus, John Cacioppo, Marilynn Brewer, David Buss, and Barbara Fredrickson.

    The National Institutes of Health (NIH) announced the award recipients for the second round of BRAIN Initiative awards. Of the more than $80 million set aside for BRAIN awards in 2015, CBS faculty Daniel Schmidt and Medical School Professor Mark Thomas received an award in the amount of $1.1 million over three years. Schmidt and Thomas will use their BRAIN award to create and implement engineered adeno-associated viruses that provide researchers with the ability to selectively infect specific cell or tissue types.

    Associate Professor Nathan Kuncel and Professor Paul Sackett have been named the 2016 recipients of the Jeanneret Award for Excellence in the Study of Individual or Group Assessment by the Society for Industrial and Organizational Psychology. The award is for their article "Resolving the assessment center construct validity dilemma (as we know it)", published in the Journal of Applied Psychology

    Gloria Leon, Professor Emerita, received the NASA JSC Group Achievement Award for Outstanding Contributions to the "Impact of Sex and Gender on Adaptation to Spaceflight" report.  The document was subsequently published in the Journal of Women's Health.

    Professor Mark Snyder's research on the psychological causes and consequences of volunteerism is featured in a Minnesota Monthly magazine article, available online here.


    Congratulations to our Department of Psychology students who recently graduated!

    Mary Petrosko Becker
    Area: CSPR
    Advisor: Monica Luciana
    Thesis: Longitudinal Change in Cognition and White Matter Integrity in Young Adult Cannabis Users

    Sheila Frankfurt
    Area: Counseling
    Advisor: Pat Frazier
    Thesis: An Empirical Examination of Moral Injury in Combat Veterans


    Regents Professor William Iacono and Professor Monica Luciana of the Department of Psychology have received a grant from the National Institute of Health as part of a landmark study about the effects of adolescent substance use on the developing brain. The University of Minnesota is one of 11 research project sites to be supported.

    The Adolescent Brain Cognitive Development (ABCD) Study will follow approximately 10,000 children beginning at ages 9 to 10, before they initiate drug use, through the period of highest risk for substance use and other mental health disorders. Scientists will track exposure to substances (including nicotine, alcohol, and marijuana), academic achievement, cognitive skills, mental health, and brain structure and function using advanced research methods.

    The ABCD Study will seek to address many questions related to substance use and development that will help inform prevention and treatment research priorities, public health strategies, and policy decisions.

    November 2nd, 2015

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